Friday, April 27, 2012

Wedding Invite DIY

Well let's see, I had purchased some of those DIY you print invites from Wilton and I loved how they turned out, but I had only bought 2 packs (50 in a pack) at $25-$35 a pack and over 300 guests. I was not so much in love with them anymore and the other problem I had is " it just not me" emotion. The Wilton invites I was using was the sweet hearts and I just adored the double hearts and the invites just seemed so plain and ordinary. If you are like me "ordinary" just does not suit you. I went online searching for kits that I could use in my Paint Shop Pro X2 program to make my own invites and I had stumbled upon scrapbooks gone digital.

I had found a very unique kit that I could use for my wedding invites. I purchased the kit and I had read the TOUs (Terms of Use). I felt I was not so sure if I was able to use them for my wedding so I sent an e-mail to the e-mail listed on the TOU asking for permission to use for my wedding. I waited desperately by my computer and cell phone waiting for a reply to my e-mail for 2 days and finally it had come through and it was a "yes" and she would love to see what I make with the kit.

I love how beautiful this kit is:

If you would like to see more of this collection ~ click here

here is a pic of possibly using as my wedding invite made from this collection:

credit to the designer:
Cheryl Barber
Paper overlay/templates:
Doris CAstle
Diane Miller
Erica Hite
Kim Broedelet
Mandy Steward
BAnner Women
Graziela Mendes
*Monica Larsen
Brandy Murry
Keri Schueller
Thao Cosgrove
Ursula Schneider
Digital Couture
Laura Burger
Terrell Sanzone
Carrie Stephens
Veronica Spriggs
Erica Mathia
Tamara Karc Designs
Royanna Dritschmann
Faith True
A Rockwell
Atomic Cupcake
Lynne Simmons
Kimb's designs
Donna Phillips
Julia Fialho Designs
IKH Designs
A-liya's Designs
Jenny K
Krakatuka Design

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