Friday, April 13, 2012

Check out Ellinee

I was browsing some blogs that I love to keep up to date with and I found one that was great. I think everyone need to go to to see a beautiful bouquet. All you need is regular printer paper scissors and some hot glue to make what I did, for her project you will also need some florist wire and tape.  I chalked one of these up and put it on a pen and did a white one on a pen and pencil. Can you imagine what you could with these flowers. I was just WOW. After I glued them onto my pens and pencils I spritzed them with perfume and gave it a wonderful smell as I use them. The best part of it is that these flowers won't wilt on your watch, which makes them way to perfect. Here is a few snap shot I took of my pen and pencil holder. I love how the chalk worked out.


  1. These are seriously gorgeous! Like really, really pretty. The pink one looks like a real rose! I'd love to see some step-by-step photos on this; definitely something I'd like to do for my (future possible) wedding bouquet!

  2. if you go to her blog she gives step-by-step directions.

    after I had cut everything out, I used red chalk and chalked the front and back of the petals. The leaves I chalked front and back in green chalk.

    The red flower is my pen that I use for everything LOL