Friday, April 27, 2012

Wedding Invite DIY

Well let's see, I had purchased some of those DIY you print invites from Wilton and I loved how they turned out, but I had only bought 2 packs (50 in a pack) at $25-$35 a pack and over 300 guests. I was not so much in love with them anymore and the other problem I had is " it just not me" emotion. The Wilton invites I was using was the sweet hearts and I just adored the double hearts and the invites just seemed so plain and ordinary. If you are like me "ordinary" just does not suit you. I went online searching for kits that I could use in my Paint Shop Pro X2 program to make my own invites and I had stumbled upon scrapbooks gone digital.

I had found a very unique kit that I could use for my wedding invites. I purchased the kit and I had read the TOUs (Terms of Use). I felt I was not so sure if I was able to use them for my wedding so I sent an e-mail to the e-mail listed on the TOU asking for permission to use for my wedding. I waited desperately by my computer and cell phone waiting for a reply to my e-mail for 2 days and finally it had come through and it was a "yes" and she would love to see what I make with the kit.

I love how beautiful this kit is:

If you would like to see more of this collection ~ click here

here is a pic of possibly using as my wedding invite made from this collection:

credit to the designer:
Cheryl Barber
Paper overlay/templates:
Doris CAstle
Diane Miller
Erica Hite
Kim Broedelet
Mandy Steward
BAnner Women
Graziela Mendes
*Monica Larsen
Brandy Murry
Keri Schueller
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Digital Couture
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Julia Fialho Designs
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A-liya's Designs
Jenny K
Krakatuka Design

Monday, April 23, 2012


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Organizing Tip DIY style

I have a simple cheap DIY organization tip. I have come to find that the Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to shop. I like small simple baskets and you can get tons of them from the local dollar store.
At our local Walmart store they sell this product called Hercules Hooks for like $6 and has 10 hooks.
You can pick up some baskets at your local dollar store, be sure that there are some holes in the basket towards the top so you can hang the baskets from the hooks. Follow the simple directions on the box of the hooks and hang your baskets on your walls. Easy simple and makes things look more organized. Here are some examples on my walls.


I even hung up my paper trim so it is easily accessible but yet out of the way when I am in the middle of a project.

I hope this may have helped some of you to get out of the scrap clutter mess.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Where do you find your oomf for the day?

Do you wake up every morning and just feel draggy from the start? Well I have been feeling like that but it just feels like it lasts all day. I wanted to ask everyone one simple question and I am ready to get flooded with responses. Where do you find your oomf for the day? I am so stuck on routine that I am not sure how to perk up my day. Usually when the kids get home from school depending on how there acting and emotions are flaring up will configure the out come for the rest of the day. I would love to know how some of you get that lil spring in your step day after day. Once I change a lil something of my routine I get a lil spring but it will only last for a week or 2 till I am in the same situation that I was before. So if you could please share a lil bit of what you for your oomf for everyday.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Check out Ellinee

I was browsing some blogs that I love to keep up to date with and I found one that was great. I think everyone need to go to to see a beautiful bouquet. All you need is regular printer paper scissors and some hot glue to make what I did, for her project you will also need some florist wire and tape.  I chalked one of these up and put it on a pen and did a white one on a pen and pencil. Can you imagine what you could with these flowers. I was just WOW. After I glued them onto my pens and pencils I spritzed them with perfume and gave it a wonderful smell as I use them. The best part of it is that these flowers won't wilt on your watch, which makes them way to perfect. Here is a few snap shot I took of my pen and pencil holder. I love how the chalk worked out.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scrap Happy

So yesterday was an awesome day. I started on clearing out the scrap room from Easter Sunday ( we used it store the things we wanted unseen from all the guests). Fed Ex came to the door with a delivery and it was my favorite tool for scrapping, it was my Gypsy. It came back from Provo Craft for Warranty repair. Then I continued to work on the scrap room. Had to go pick up my youngest from good new club at school and my 4th grade daughter from 4th grade camp. Dropped them off at home with the Fiance'. I drove an hour East to go see my Mom and I spent at least 1 1/2 hours or more with her. Had to go to my friends house not far from my moms and had to pick up our fire pit and chairs that we had no room in a u-haul for when we moved out to the lake last fall. Today I had finally finished my scrap room, with no room for the big puppy. But now that I have my scrap room and more space than before, I can be more scrap productive. Thank you all who are following us.... I will have a special project to post soon and I am sure you will love it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


As I had have said I am posting a freebie for all those who would like to try it out.
I have posted a free recipe box tutorial. At the top of this page you will see a link for Freebie.
click the link and lets get busy making some boxes. Please give me credit if posting on a blog or
web site.... I have made 6 of these boxes and I have had so much fun creating them.

Happy Belated Easter Everyone. A new post will come along soon.